About Brad

Currently attending Liberty University, Brad is a resident of Bouckville, NY. He grew up in a loving family of five in a small Baptist Church where his father faithfully serves as a pastor. Currently he is studying Theology and Apologetics where he seeks to fuel his knowledge and passion for re-visioning the relevance and beauty of Christ. Although he became a Christian at an early age, his desire and hunger to seek after God without reluctance erupted with the opportunity to be a counselor at Camp Bayouca, located in Smithville Flats, NY. It was through that experience that Brad developed a passion for writing as well. Brad saw value in his everyday experiences and hardships which drove him to share God’s messages through them with others. He wrote to find healing and affirmation through God’s Word in his own walk. Writing was a place where he went to explore God’s nature. But it became clear to him that God wanted to grow his passion to write into something more beautiful and use it to reach others around him. He writes in hope that God’s truth will flow from his writings into the hearts of those who read them to strengthen their faith and challenge their minds.