Give me a podium, give me a microphone, but let the whole world know and be fully aware of who is doing the talking. Let your knowledge and truth raise me to a place so high that when I look down I tremble and know that only the one true God could ever have brought me up this far.

Let these words I write challenge those who have hardened their hearts. Let these words encourage the faithful believer to confidently march on. Let these words mold lifestyles centered around you. Let these words fuel my hunger for Christ-likeness as well. Help me to not grow weary in serving you with what I have to offer. Make me more conscious of each individual step and not be overwhelmed by the long journey still at hand. Give me patience, diligence and discipline to produce spiritual endurance. The cross I carry is too heavy for me to bear, give me assurance of your presence till I’m called up in the air.